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The product of a very busy mind, Janet P. Tombros’ work is ever changing in genres. She says the diversity challenges her skills and helps to keep her perspective fresh and energized. Janet’s art reflects the broad cross-cultural influence that comes from her extensive travel experiences. From the Brazilian tropics to the surrounding riches of Sicilian antiquity, Janet’s vivid color palette reflects these carefree cultures. 

Janet was born into a creative family with different family members studying visual and performing arts. Janet’s talents developed in visual arts. She was fortunate to attend public high school in Fairfax County, VA where the schools offered intense arts studies. While enrolled in the College of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, she was further educated in the basic fundamentals. Janet has continued her studies over the years within community colleges and through private tutoring with local art instructors.

Janet is a certified "Master" Street Painter with the Florida Chalk Artist Association and an established acrylic artist on both canvas and murals in the Central Florida community.

Janet teaches classes in the Basic Principles of Art for both beginners and intermediate students. She offers chalk and painting parties for adults and children.   



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